If you already have an account opened with one of the bookmakers, it’s because you trust it with your money and you are comfortable with its services.
But if you plan on having a streak of constant winnings to solidify your sports betting career, you should take a slightly different approach: open multiple accounts with different bookmakers.
In the betting language you would call it “shopping around”, it offers you the opportunity to pick the most appealing odds and prices for a game you want to bet on. If you check any odds comparison sites, you will see that bookmakers have different odds for the same game. The inconsistency happens because all of them rate the teams differently and, as the bettors start placing their wagers, the odds start changing as the bookmakers try to balance the bets on both sides of the competition.
Having multiple bookmaker accounts gives you freedom of choice and a unique chance of taking advantage of the differences between the offers. Nobody ever said sports betting should be static and, if you avoid having multiple accounts because you’re afraid of taking risks, you shut yourself down from the world of opportunities in your betting career. Let’s list just some of the advantages of having multiple accounts:

Bonuses for signing up – this is a common practice with every online betting operator. As the competition grows even stiffer every day, you are the one to benefit from this, as you can get from bonus money to free bets, so shop around for the most attractive offer out there.
• Flexibility – it just means you’re free. You don’t have to compromise anymore for those limited services your regular bookmaker might be offering you, thus keeping your options open for the future.
Sports coverage – a thing overlooked by bettors sometimes. Some bookmakers cover all leagues very thoroughly, while others offer the same, but for only a specific part of the world. This is your opportunity to find a place, maybe even several that meet your requirements.
• Risk management – this is for those of you, who take sports betting much more seriously than just a hobby. With so many bookmakers offering different odds, it’s always wise to do your research in order to be able to minimize your risks.
• Winning streak – sports betting is a business, that’s why many bookmakers don’t want you winning all the time; be careful, some of them have special clauses that allow them to limit or even close your account if you start winning consistently. So you’re presented with two options: you either start losing from time to time or you take your winning streak to some other bookmaker.
• Avoid losing out – this comes as a follow up to the previous statement: some bettors found themselves with their accounts closed without any warnings. A very interesting fact is that sometimes they specify this in their terms & conditions sections, to protect their business against professional gamblers. Since the chances of you winning every bet, every single time are rather slim, try to spread your profits among different sites.
So, now is your chance to start opening multiple bookmaker accounts. Some (Betfair) may offer you a 20$ bet upon signing up, others, like bet365 a 100$ bonus, if you deposit just 10$; choose wisely and keep an open mind!



If you’re new to sports betting, you might find yourself asking what money management even means in this regard, since I assume you’ve heard this term before thinking about starting your betting “career.”
Money management in sports betting is an entire process, which allows you to oversee the funds you have in your hands. To put it even simpler, it’s the money you set aside for sports betting.
It all comes down to your income level, because the first thing you need to do, before even thinking about opening an account with one of the bookmakers, is to figure out how much money you are able to set aside for betting. This is going to be your “bankroll”, and you need to know that there are no guarantees that you will always win; everyone has a bad streak, but on the upside, it also never lasts forever.
Your next step should be calculating just how much money you’re willing to bet on each game or event. And here are the magic words you need to remember: flat bet and straight bet. Flat bet means betting the same amount of money on each game, which should never go over 5% of the entire bankroll; 5% is almost always viewed as a more aggressive approach to sports betting. Straight bet is concentrated on a single game that has a point-spread or a money line. To win this kind of bet you have to choose the team that will cover the point spread chosen by the bookmakers.


Increase your bankroll once you start winning, but never the percentage you’re willing to bet. Let’s say you are on a winning streak and your bank account increased up to 1,000$, then you can choose to bet 3% of it, that would make it 30$ on each game. Same rule should apply if your account balance decreases, don’t go overboard.
When you set a goal for an entire betting session and you met it in a shorter amount of time than planned, always cash out and take a break, enjoy your winnings. If you hit your losing streak, fight against the urge to bet more, because you will lose everything at a much faster pace, and it might taint your betting experience for good. Never put money on a game you don’t trust just because others tell you so or the odds are bigger, trust your instinct.


You’ve met with money management in your everyday life, you know how it works, and the same basic rules and principles apply in sports betting. There is always this thin line that separates a winner from a loser, and if you do not want to find yourself in the second category, all you have to do is learn from other people’s mistakes in betting money management.
The bottom line is: handle your money wisely, and don’t look for quick winnings, because, as everyone knows, the odds are already against you. Anyone who started with small bets will tell you in a heartbeat that they were happy with a 15-20% return for a week of sports betting. If you can keep this pace up, you will be betting successfully for years to come and then just enjoy the benefits. Start with small, steady winnings, be patient even if it looks impossible sometimes…and then watch your bankroll achieve the numbers you never dared to dream of.



If you’re relying on luck to help you win in sports betting, you should know that it always takes much more than that to win.
Let’s say you already know what to do before you place a bet, then keep on reading because we will try to set up some common aspects of stuff you MUST NOT do while betting and then we let you take the ultimate decision on how to come about sports betting:
Don’t change your mind
Always go with your initial bet. If you’ve placed it, and then some other team looks more appealing, do not change your bet. There is a chance that if you do, they will lose and you will lose the edge you had.
Don’t bet if the odds changed way too much
You did your research and you went with what you thought was right, then, before the game, bookmakers changed the odds drastically. If placing another bet is way out of your comfort zone because of the changes, stop and take a step back.
Don’t follow trends or listen to “insiders”
You will find “experts” at every corner and they will always be willing to give you advice on the team or the odds you should bet on. Always do your research, don’t sell yourself short, you are as capable of predicting the outcome of a game as any of them.
Don’t follow up on your losses
If you find yourself having a really bad day in the betting world, don’t spend the rest of the night betting on anything that moves. This way you will only lose your edge and the faith you have in your abilities to place a right bet. There will always be more games the next day, and then the day after, and your strategy should be – waiting around for opportunities, and not placing bets just for the sake of betting.
Don’t expect instant wealth
Bookmakers want you to bet on several events and bet big. Some might fall for this scheme because of a desire of instant wealth. It doesn’t work like that, unless you’re a professional gambler and know the ins and outs of sports betting. Even though sometimes a double win will increase the money in your bank account, over the long term you’ll end up losing it at a much faster pace, than if you concentrate your attention on single bets.
Don’t bet if it affects you
If you’re taking any loss the hard way, this is not for you, because losing is something you can’t avoid. Sports betting is like working on a stock market, you will have days when everything will work out, and then some where you will lose. What long term bettors try to achieve is consistency through a lot of research.
Don’t overlook the draw
When picking a team you want to bet on, it’s easy to find a favorite, but you almost always forget about the draw. Regardless if you want to bet on a goalless draw or you predict the exact score for the draw, don’t overlook it. Some bookmakers offer really good odds for games where both teams are strong in the defense area.
Don’t bet more than you can afford
This one is fairly simple to understand, stop while you’re ahead, don’t risk losing everything you’ve just won. Take your time and think about how you would really feel if the bet you’re about to place would be lost. If the answer turns out to be that it would upset you too much, don’t bet, because betting is about managing your money with a probability to lose and still be happy.
Don’t bet on your favorite sports team
While many may disagree with this point, it’s usually one of the most overlooked ones. When you have your favorite team, you tend to forget everything about research and go with what your heart tells you to do, which sometimes may end up clouding your judgment.
Don’t brag
If you’re on a winning streak, don’t gloat, if you’re losing big, don’t cry about it to everyone who will listen. In both situations act like you’ve already been there, even if losing makes you extremely mad. This negative feeling should help you be a more determined person, one who wants to do better next time.



The betting world is not one that guides itself after the “veni, vidi, vici” (I came, I saw, I won) formula; to be successful you need to understand what are you getting yourself into.

There is no book that will tell you, word by word, how to become successful in betting, but there are some tips that could help you along the way.
Rule #1: Understand the sport – start treating sports betting as a job.

Granted it will be one that will bring you joy, but you still need to work for it. Research everything you can find about the team you’re going to bet on, about the players, the injuries in the squad etc.

Rule #2: Set yourself a limit – of course you already have a budget set aside for betting, as well as the amount of money you’re willing to lose in a month.
If you reach the limit before the month is over, that’s when you know you have to stop betting. Keeping up with this rule will only ensure that you have fun while betting and you can eliminate the stress.

Rule #3: Bet on what you know – if you take football betting, be sure to set your eyes on a team or a league you have at least some knowledge about.
Even if you do your research properly, you have to make sure there’s enough information to make an accurate prediction. It’s never wise to try out sports and events you have zero knowledge about, it WILL hurt you in the long run.

Rule #4: Take advantage of bonuses – bookmakers offer huge bonuses upon opening an account.

Be sure to shop around for the best offers, because some sites can even double the amount of money you put in your bankroll when you open an account. Imagine all the amazing bets you could place with that amount of money.

Rule #5: Have patience – you might find yourself in the situation where you don’t find an event that you want to bet on.
If this happens, step away and enjoy your day out, because it’s always better to wait a little for a better offer; bookmakers have bad days too, you know?

Rule #6: Write down everything
Write down everything while you’re doing your research, it will help you spot future trends, but also make an analysis on your performance as a bettor. In the beginning it might look like a useless task and a waste of time, but remember we’re doing this for a long-term profit.



Take the time and read the sports bookmakers reviews featured on and make an informed decision when you choose your online sports bookmaker
So, here you are, ready to take on the world of online gambling. However, there are a few things to consider before you start your adventurous journey into the world of online sports betting to become a successful sports investor. The most important one, perhaps, is to find the best bookmaker, the one that would suit you the most, a place where you can feel at home while placing your bets, but also a business partner that would support you in getting the just rewards for your efforts.
There are countless bookmakers out there, trying to lure the customer in with free bets, lucrative bonus offers and such. Competition in the sports betting industry is great, but only you – the bettor – can make a decision on which company to choose. We would like to give you a hand in making this decision, by sharing our experiences with some of the bookmakers we have been betting at ourselves.
There are many factors that should influence your decision, such as your location in the world, what sports you prefer, the amount of money you are willing to wager, the odds format you are most familiar with and more. Within our website you will find detailed information about every bookmaker, information that will help you make the right decision.

The bookmakers we would like to recommend to you are:

In their effort to attract more clients, almost all bookmakers (as they are called in UK and Europe) or sportsbooks (the name used in United States) offer tempting bonus offers, special promotions and, of course, each try to offer as many sport events as possible, with odds that would convince you to join them. Don’t get caught up in this avalanche of “amazing” offers. The most important thing you will have to deal with in your gambling career is the odds.
Look for betting providers that offer the highest odds and if they also have a sign up bonus, that’s all for the better. The best bookmakers are very much aware of this and they are making sure to create an offer as best as possible.
Our reviews include important information such as sports disciplines available for betting, betting types (e.g. Asian handicap, over/under, double chance etc.), ways of placing bets, bet limits, but also information concerning the financial aspect of betting: payment fees, transfer and withdrawal options & limits, accepted currencies etc.
In our reviews, we have also taken into consideration special features, such as the possibility to place bets live in play, whether the sportsbook operates an online casino and/or poker room and such. Another aspect we have analyzed is the customer service, without question an important test of quality and reliability of the online betting sites (we looked at its availability, whether or not live chat is an offered option, the time it takes them to respond and the overall behavior towards the client).
We’ve come up with a list of the most reliable bookmakers that offer their customers more than their competition. We hope that thanks to the information we have collected, your decision on which bookie to sign-up with will be easier to make.
Needless to say, we have picked companies with tradition, who abide by the highest standards of business conduct. These are the bookmakers we have been personally betting at for years, which allows us to give you our honest opinion on each of them.

Why these Bookies?

These bookmakers are characterized by an excellent quality of service, flawless reputation, financial security, fast payouts and outstanding customer care, constantly improving their products and bonus systems. But remember, there are also different, distinct advantages that each of them has (different betting opportunities, some specialize in certain sports and so on), so our advice is to take your time to read the reviews and don’t be rash with your decision – there are a lot of players in this game, and you should settle for one that will satisfy all your needs.



Live betting, which is also called in-play betting, is quite a new trend in the sports betting industry. It is opposed to the traditional fixed odds betting and as it always happens, it has its advantages and disadvantages.
Live betting offers its followers the thrill and excitement of real-time wagering, so if you want to experience something new and stirring, you should definitely try live betting. But first make sure that you have high risk tolerance, because live betting requires strong decision making skills and clear unbiased judgment.
Live betting was first offered at horse racing, but nowadays it is available for several more sports and, of course, more locations. It is favored mostly by people who are capable of handling excitement and preferring to rattle their nerves from time to time.
Live betting became possible due to the overall spread of the Internet. It has become easier to bet on your favorite team in real time, because you don’t have to run to the closest bookmaker office. On the contrary, you have a unique opportunity to be present at the game/match/race, enjoy its thrill and excitement, and place the bets online.
It is worth noting that live betting falls into the category of daring experience, because it requires strong will, cold unbiased judgment and instant reaction. You should take into consideration that live bets are placed in real time, and they can also be traded. However, the level of the risk in case of live betting is extremely high. Try Live Betting at Betfair.
Placing a bet in advance generally means less risk, because in this case you have enough time to think over your decision, consider all pros and contras, check the available information and so on. Usually you lay a wager in advance with a cooler head, and that’s the main advantage of this kind of betting. As for the live betting, you can place a really stupid bet in the heat of the moment, and you will end up drying up your bankroll.

Despite the overall spread of the Internet, live betting is not a common practice in all kinds of sports. For example, in case of the UFC, live betting is not accepted. Nevertheless, the fans of this option still have lots of other sports at their disposal, where they would have an opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of real time betting.
You should take into consideration that live betting is executed by means of online bookmakers, rather than in an actual offline bookmaker office. Before trying this kind of betting, make sure of learning the rules carefully, because some additional commissions and fees may be required.
Most punters consider that placing bets in-play is a kind of an art form, and it takes a great deal of experience and knowledge in order to get prepared for placing money in these markets. If you intend to try it out yourself, you should have a deep insight in the sports discipline you’re betting on – it is crucial for successful and profitable betting, not only live. Besides that, you should be able to predict the outcome of the game/race, and only in this case live betting will bring you substantial dividends along with the thrill and excitement.
Probably the most popular sport where live betting is particularly preferred is soccer. It is considered to be the world’s game for lots of reasons, first of them being the unrivaled passion and excitement it brings. Live betting has recently become a part of various football matches, because there is no other sport which can be considered as unpredictable as football. It takes only a couple of seconds to score a goal, and in this case placing wagers live can come in handy.

In-play betting usually adds excitement and vehemence to the game, but besides that it gives a significant advantage to the bettor. And here are several arguments in favor of live betting. According to the statistics, most of the top level football matches remain goalless at half-time; consequently, live betting gives a brilliant opportunity to make money. It is impossible to predict the outcome of the game with 100% probability, but if you’re placing bets real-time, you would have more chances to succeed.

It is up to you whether to stick to the traditional fixed odds betting, or to choose the more exciting and spontaneous live betting. But before choosing either, consider all the possible pros and cons.

Click here to read about BET-IBC, one of the best agents for the Asian giant MAXBET (former IBCBET), which offers thousands of live betting markets every single month



If you are reading this, it means you are on your way to a new adventure, one you probably heard about, as it increases in popularity, but you didn’t think about joining until just about now. This article should help you with some of the questions you might have and also provide some insightful information about the basics of online betting.

There is no definite rule on the things you have to do when betting online, but for those who are just starting it will be easier to find the best Asian bookmakers reviews; try and filter through several names to find the one that will suit your needs. The major operators even have a welcome bonus on their sites for those who open accounts, as well as a starting guide on how to find your way around the various sports or betting types. After you’ve chosen your bookmaker, you must check out our E-wallets Reviews to make a deposit to your account using your credit card, or if you have an e-wallet you can use it to get things moving easier.

Find out information about the sport you’re most interested in and, assuming you already did your research on different events for it, you should be able to start experimenting with the types of bets the bookmakers allow you to place. But be very careful to change the odds format to the one that works best for you, whether it’s the decimal, fractional, or money line one.

You should also try to find everything about your bookmaker’s customer support, supported deposit payment methods, and above all, its security details. You need to know how well will your personal data be protected and what are the fees for different actions including withdrawals and money transfers.


Once you’ve chosen the event or the team you’re going to place your first bet on, start researching again. Find whatever information you can on both teams, players, injuries, etc., read a few predictions, and visit some tipster blogs with detailed info on the game. After that, you’re ready to decide which type of bet you want to place. Some bookmakers will even let you place a live bet, while the event takes place.
Always start simple; never throw around a big sum of money for a bet, even if you think you know the possible outcome of the game. If you start small, you can gradually increase the amount of money you’re going to be betting, because with the time you will get the hang of online betting and your winnings will be bigger in the long run. Some say it’s better to place a bet on a team or a game earlier than its due date because the odds will be bigger; everyone knows bookmakers change their odds before the game when more info on the team or its players become available. After you have checked bookies review and decided to which bookie is more suitable for you, open an original betting account via betting service.


Even if you lose, don’t be too disappointed – it happens even to the best of us and, yet, here we are sharing the experience with others and helping them achieve something they might never have dreamed off. When winning, you get this sense of absolute euphoria, and who isn’t tempted to start betting more money now that apparently you got the hang of it? DON’T do that, if you already made a plan on how much you were going to bet, please stick to it, you didn’t do all that research for nothing, this is real money – your money, and you know it’s not wise to lose a lot when you’ve already found your edge for this particular event. After the excitement dies down, you will realize you did the right thing by sticking to your initial bet and prediction, because if your strategy worked once, it will work again for sure.

Don’t believe the people who say they have inside information on how a certain event will go, even if the facts they provide you with are accurate, try and figure out things by yourself, you are your own best supporter. If it helps, write things down once you start researching; this way you can always come back for facts that are extremely important and can help you in the future.

If you set a target for your winnings, some say it’s best to cash out the money once you’ve reached it, that way you can never be tempted to spend more than you can afford. This way you keep yourself in check and take out the frustration factor in case you lose.

Hopefully this starting guide was helpful to you, as it offered general information on how online betting works. The rest is up to you, but should you need more help, our blog will always be at your disposal!

Sports Bets Blog’s Favorite Betting Markets

Sports Bets Blog’s Favorite Betting Markets

As a professional bettor, I am a big fan of Asian Handicap. Asian Handicap offers bettors flexible options with great values. There is no question that more and more European bookmakers have started to include this market in their betting portfolio in recent years. However, I do believe that Asian bookmakers offer greater limits and odds for this type of betting. Most of the time, I place my bets on Pinnacle Sports as this Asian bookie is truely remarkable with what they provide. Recently, I found out that the best betting agent BET-IBC’s VIP-IBC platform has started to offer original Pinnacle sports odds.

On this betting platform, you are provided with a multiple bookmaker account where original Pinnacle, Betfair, Betdaq, SBObet, Maxbet, Matchbook, BetISN and many other great Asian bookmakers are available. Moreover, it is possible to bet with Asian handicaps almost for any of the matches displayed on the platform. If you want to take a closer look at what this platform looks like, take a look at my multiple bookmaker platform review and decide by yourself.

Best leagues for sports betting

Best leagues for sports betting

There are hundreds of professional sports leagues around the world and bookmakers offer these leagues in their portfolio for betting. Personally, I do no think that there is a specific type of sports or league that is better than others in terms of betting value. Value can be found anywhere if you know where to look. However, it is true that odds and limits can be more attractive in bigger leagues. As a football bettor, I’ve analyzed some of the biggest football leagues in my blog. You can take a look at what I think of Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga with regards to value betting.

My personal favorite among these leagues is Ligue 1. 1×2 and moneyline bets are more predictable in this league and odds are more preferable as well. If you compare this league with the Premier League, you will see that underdogs offer more value. In England – Premier League, the gap between teams, except for the top 5, is not that big. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the 20th placed team from the Premier League defeated the 10th placed team on the road. Nevertheless, I want to specify once again that value can be found anywhere. You just need to analyze better and have a better understanding of the specific league you are going to bet on. Feel free to take a look at Ligue 1 review for sports betting for more information. There you will be able to read the history of Ligue 1, interesting facts and how much value this league offers in terms of sports betting.

What are you going to find at Sports Bets Blog?

What are you going to find at Sports Bets Blog?

Here at Sports Bets Blog, you will find reviews&analysis about bookmakers and betting agents, betting tips for you to get better results, latest news about the betting industry and sports, and many other useful articles that you can use in your betting journey. I’ve put great significance on sports betting while I prepared this blog as I am also a professional bettor. I plan to share my exclusive picks on this website when I have time. In the meantime, I advise you to take a look at the best free predictions via betting agent. I believe the tipsters they are working with are pretty good at their jobs.

Moreover, in the “betting advice” section, I have written some beneficial articles which will help you get better yields and ROI. I am willing to share my experience with all of my visitors. If you have any questions about these articles, feel free to contact me. Even though I believe that betting cannot be learned via encyclopedias or books, the information in these articles should not debatable. My personal favorite is the 10 Golden Rules article. It is a must for anyone to take look at it if you are aiming for success in the long run.

About the Best Betting Agent

About the Best Betting Agent

BET-IBC is the best Agent for Asian bookies, which specializes in handling accounts for some of the biggest gambling firms in Asia and the rest of the world. Due to the fact that these firms activate under the Asian Bookmaker Agents System, BET-IBC has the status of Super Master Agent and it is the official top-notch agent for bookmaking giants such as Pinnacle, Betfair, Sbobet, Betisn, and their unique service VIP-IBC. BET-IBC is an established brand in its field, the quality of its services being recognized and appreciated by individuals and businesses internationally.They have also provides for an option to the high-rollers which is betting via Skype.

BET-IBC has been the best betting Agent since 2007, opening and managing its customers’ accounts. According to the Asian Bookmaker Agents System, only Super Master Agents can carry out financial transactions with the Asian bookmaker directly, however, BET-IBC can also open Master Agent, Agent accounts and, ultimately, player accounts in 4 different currencies: USD, EUR or GBP. BET-IBC’s user-friendly website is available in 32 different languages and has unique features like a News section – offering information on the latest events and updates related to BET-IBC and its partners, Livescores – showing the results of on-going and finished matches, with a full analysis also available, a How to Bet guide – instructing the players on how to place a wager with each Bookmaker and even an Odds converter.

A brief description of BET-IBC’s gambling opportunities can also be found on the website, including betting types and detailed reviews of the bookmaker’s Casino Games and Poker room. BET-IBC is also the ideal platform for high-rollers and VIP players, as it does not lock accounts and has the highest wagering amount limits in the entire world, bets going as high as several hundred thousand US dollars per match. BET-IBC’s unique service best betting software VIP-IBC allows customers to place pre-match and live bets using Skype and offers the possibility to withdraw or deposit in any European capital.