If you’re relying on luck to help you win in sports betting, you should know that it always takes much more than that to win.
Let’s say you already know what to do before you place a bet, then keep on reading because we will try to set up some common aspects of stuff you MUST NOT do while betting and then we let you take the ultimate decision on how to come about sports betting:
Don’t change your mind
Always go with your initial bet. If you’ve placed it, and then some other team looks more appealing, do not change your bet. There is a chance that if you do, they will lose and you will lose the edge you had.
Don’t bet if the odds changed way too much
You did your research and you went with what you thought was right, then, before the game, bookmakers changed the odds drastically. If placing another bet is way out of your comfort zone because of the changes, stop and take a step back.
Don’t follow trends or listen to “insiders”
You will find “experts” at every corner and they will always be willing to give you advice on the team or the odds you should bet on. Always do your research, don’t sell yourself short, you are as capable of predicting the outcome of a game as any of them.
Don’t follow up on your losses
If you find yourself having a really bad day in the betting world, don’t spend the rest of the night betting on anything that moves. This way you will only lose your edge and the faith you have in your abilities to place a right bet. There will always be more games the next day, and then the day after, and your strategy should be – waiting around for opportunities, and not placing bets just for the sake of betting.
Don’t expect instant wealth
Bookmakers want you to bet on several events and bet big. Some might fall for this scheme because of a desire of instant wealth. It doesn’t work like that, unless you’re a professional gambler and know the ins and outs of sports betting. Even though sometimes a double win will increase the money in your bank account, over the long term you’ll end up losing it at a much faster pace, than if you concentrate your attention on single bets.
Don’t bet if it affects you
If you’re taking any loss the hard way, this is not for you, because losing is something you can’t avoid. Sports betting is like working on a stock market, you will have days when everything will work out, and then some where you will lose. What long term bettors try to achieve is consistency through a lot of research.
Don’t overlook the draw
When picking a team you want to bet on, it’s easy to find a favorite, but you almost always forget about the draw. Regardless if you want to bet on a goalless draw or you predict the exact score for the draw, don’t overlook it. Some bookmakers offer really good odds for games where both teams are strong in the defense area.
Don’t bet more than you can afford
This one is fairly simple to understand, stop while you’re ahead, don’t risk losing everything you’ve just won. Take your time and think about how you would really feel if the bet you’re about to place would be lost. If the answer turns out to be that it would upset you too much, don’t bet, because betting is about managing your money with a probability to lose and still be happy.
Don’t bet on your favorite sports team
While many may disagree with this point, it’s usually one of the most overlooked ones. When you have your favorite team, you tend to forget everything about research and go with what your heart tells you to do, which sometimes may end up clouding your judgment.
Don’t brag
If you’re on a winning streak, don’t gloat, if you’re losing big, don’t cry about it to everyone who will listen. In both situations act like you’ve already been there, even if losing makes you extremely mad. This negative feeling should help you be a more determined person, one who wants to do better next time.

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